MotlMD Veterans Foundation offers
effective answers beyond the typical mental health treatment.

When it comes to mental health, one size does not fit all.
Your treatment should be as unique as you.

We will be offering confidential, no-cost help for PTSD, TBI and other brain injuries or mental health challenges via referral to a comprehensive approach to assessing, diagnosing and treating the root cause in a collaborative, holistic and integrated method that goes beyond symptom management and restore you — mind and body — to balance.

Support MotlMD Veterans Foundation

Help serve those who served and their families. Your contributions support mental health treatments not currently obtainable at VA facilities desperately needed to heal and restore the mind and body to balance.


Our founders, Dr. John Motl and Mare Brooks Motl, have decades of experience treating mental health disorders and witnessing patients discover their healing potential when viewed through the lens of innate worth and wholeness.

Together they have a lifetime of compassion and respect for America’s Veterans who served our country and deal with mental health issues. MotlMD Veterans Foundation is their passion project to provide services and diagnostic assistance unobtainable within the VA health system, by utilizing their science-based approach to improving mental healthcare.

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